All the crazy

Guys, I don’t even know which way is up right now. We are t-minus 3ish days away from plopping right down in the middle of our new house and telling everyone who works there “You may now finish your work around us and all of our eleventy million bits and baubles that have yet to be put away” because I am DONE with this nomadic living, y’all. I have given my children permission to wear exactly three articles of clothing until further notice because if you even LOOK at that suitcase with the intention of unpacking it I will end you. My parents (God bless their souls) are in Florida right now and have invited us to spend the week at their house so that we can be within earshot of any “Where does this pendant go, again?” sort of inquiries (which seem to be endless. For the love, can you please just label the box after the first time I tell you?). Every time I walk into my house, no fewer than 3 subcontractors descend on me asking questions about what goes where? does this get a dimmer? have you gotten notification about the disposal? do you want the good news or the bad news first?

I. Am. Done.

Or undone.

I’m a hot frickin mess, is what I am. And today, for instance, I am sitting across the street from my 99% complete home ITCHING to get in there and start making beds and organizing the pantry and TOUCHING ALL OF MY POSSESSIONS. Because when you live out of a handful of suitcases for almost 2 months, you start feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (this shirt again?). I think Stockton has worn the same pair of pants for 50 days straight and I’m pretty sure he has big plans to BURN THEM at the earliest possible moment. (RIP unicorn transitional work pants: you were put to the test and did not disappoint, but now you must be fumigated and retired, permanently. Or at least for a very, very, very, indefinitely long time).

To distract myself the last few weeks, I have been busting out my camera and snapping as many pictures as I can. Pictures of BB not-napping (merrrrr), pictures of my sister being a lady-boss with her new paper company (Lined Goods), senior pictures, family pictures, profile pictures, pictures of Legos (oh, the Legos… soooo many Legos. Dear Lego Corporation, can you please just send me a lifetime supply for my sons? I would sell my plasma for this stuff, that’s how much Navy loves it). So my camera just lives in a permanent state of easy-access. Here are some of the pictures that have kept me from just following our builder around the house watching his every move in the last week (I am a darling client, can’t you tell?).

family pics-1family pics-7MoMoxie-160Maddie-18Maddie-1Janee-10LakeSail-32Renae-17Ally-17LakeSail-1legos-2legos-3

We are beyond the point of craving normalcy and routine. Craving normalcy was 5 weeks ago. Now it’s like we’ll barter body parts for the chance to tuck ourselves into a home that is our own, eat food that we purchased ourselves, cook an ever-loving meal in a kitchen with my own spatula (so help me if I darken the doorway of another fast food restaurant). Our families have been beyond generous with us in the last couple of months and for that, we are unspeakably grateful. There are no amount of “Thank You’s” that could cover the depth of our gratitude.

And so it is, our current state of affairs. Crazy. Messy. Almost-normal, but so very far from normal at the same time. 🙃

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