Sweet Support

Race day is 5 weeks away (GAH!) and I am already over 75% to my fundraising goal!! What?! Thank you!! If you are one of the super generous people who jumped on the bandwagon early, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! That outpouring of support warmed my little heart.

Now if you are holding OUT, but might be interested in still supporting the Girls on the Run of Michiana through my fundraising page, I would like to sweeten the deal (so to speak). You ready? This is about to get good.


Here’s the skinny

For every $20 donation made from this point on, you will get a dozen homemade cookies baked by yours truly. Y’know, I don’t mean to brag, but I’m soooooort of an amazing baker. Just saying. And here’s what’s up: Valentine’s Day is coming up. You should have something to give your co-workers. Or your Valentine. Or your… self. No judgment. What you do with your cookies is your business. But a dozen cookies will be coming your way for an easy $20.



For every $50 donation, I will bake and decorate TWO DOZEN decorated sugar cookies in WHATEVER theme you choose! For 2 bucks a cookie, you get some pretty, festive & delicious confections. I’m certain you have an occasion coming up that you need cookies for. Let me help you brainstorm.

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Galentine’s Day
  • Your kid’s birthday
  • Your dog’s birthday
  • Your birthday
  • A baby shower
  • A wedding shower
  • Maybe you just took a shower

The point is…. do we really need an excuse for decorated sugar cookies? Not really. And if you can’t think of a theme, then I will send you a special batch of Girls on the Run themed cookies that preach the good word of self-esteem and girl power. (Also, yes I’m a decent cookie decorator… you can see the cookies I made for Maddie’s bridal shower here).


Need more than 2 dozen cookies for your event/bash/holiday/sugar addiction? No problem. That’ll be another $50 donation 😉

Moral of the story

Have you ever bought cookies that were also a TAX WRITE OFF?! Guys. This is a no brainer. I just want to thank you for your contribution and also provide a little token of my appreciation in return.


Here’s a few little disclaimers: I am NOT a professional baker. I am no bakerella. I do love making cookies, decorated and undecorated, and I do a decent job. But please understand going into this that this is a FUNdraiser and we’re having a little fun in the process. No take-backs, no refunds, no complaints. I WILL ship cookies if you don’t live in the area, so distance won’t stop us from making sweet cookie magic.


Cookies available (undecorated):

  • Chocolate chip
  • Oatmeal Scotchies
  • Pretzel, chocolate chip, butterscotch
  • M&M
  • Girls on the Run Monster Cookies (think pink, purple, chocolatey and girly)


Click here to donate and I will contact you about your cookie order! ALSO if you already donated, don’t you worry… you have a sweet treat coming your way too. And again, thank you for supporting me and the Girls on the Run program.

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