We interrupt this diet to bring you: Vacation

So about those macros…


Vacation involved lots of indulging, LOTS of wine (forthelove, we put away some serious vino over the last two weeks), lots of fish (don’t be fooled, most of it was of the fried variety) and an overall mindset of “if it sounds good, I’m going to eat it.” And you know what? I have no regrets. That’s what vacation is for!

But I’m back to it today and just loaded up my grocery cart with tons of healthy fixins to get back on track. Coming soon to a blog near you is my new favorite “Junk Salad” that we ate in Florida (thanks Mom!) and it is so (SOSOSO) yummy. Trust me, you’re gonna want to try it.

I want to round up some support for this diet journey that I know so many of us are on, so if you’re with me, let me hear from you! Need help getting your macro and calorie goals established? Email me at courtneybschultz@gmail.com (no, I am not a professional at this, but I am a friend who can help get you started! C’mon it’ll be like the blind leading the blind, but at least we’ll have each otherrrrrr). Let’s share recipes and what works in the comments section and start a little foodie party as we get our goals straight and enjoy some tasty food along the way. Sound like a plan?


Navy learning what a fruit tastes like and me attempting to drink water instead of wine. This may be trickier than I thought… 

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