What’s in a year

2016 was a transformative year for our family. I was talking to my sister-in-law last night as we watched the minutes tick closer to midnight, and we decided the timeline of our lives is something like a heartbeat. There are beats and there are rests. Without the rests, you cannot have beats, and so it is with our lives. Some years are beats and some years are rests. We definitely had a beat year in 2016. The most obvious cause of this is of course that we had our Brighton Belle during the last half of the year, and according to my Instagram Best Nine of 2016, Brighton is the only member of the family who is in every single photo (in utero or in the flesh). Seems appropriate!


In 2016, I would say my word of the year was Mom. The year started by selling my business in effort to be more present with my kids and fully immerse myself in their lives as a true stay at home mom. I’m thankful for this opportunity more than I can describe. Even now as I write this, I’m a human couch and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Then after making the decision to go full-time as a stay at home mom, I became a mom x3 and Brighton took over the remainder of our year. So yeah… I’d say maternal endeavors kind of characterized my year.

I love New Year’s Day (note: I do NOT so much love the hype of New Year’s Eve… I’m not the party girl I once was and my bedtime is way earlier than midnight. Thankfully, our family visitors last night agree that New Year’s Day is best celebrated after a good night’s sleep and I can cheers to that). The “fresh start” and “Day 1” of January 1st is like opening a new notebook for the first time. You want to make sure you are using a pen or marker that you really love; you try to focus on using good penmanship; you are careful not to wrinkle the pages or break the spine; you treat it with care. You have plans (big plans) for how you will use your notebook. Maybe you’re not as crazy about your notebooks as I am. Maybe you’re a techie and you haven’t touched a paper notebook since 2007. That’s cool too. Just go with my metaphor.

So in 2017, I have resolutions. I always do. I give myself some freebies that are totally achievable and then I give myself some challenges. I want to push myself and accomplish things. I want to look back in a year and say I used up every last drop of this year. I pushed my body to its limits, and I gave my body rest. I gave myself over to others, and I was gentle with myself. I served, I gave, I helped, I prayed.

So my 2017 goals are as follows:

  1. Morning quiet time every day (including FINALLY accomplishing my goal of reading the entire bible throughout with the help of this journal).
  2. Cook 3 meals a week; leftovers one night; pizza one night; date night one night; family dinner on Sundays.
  3. Purge more than I buy.
  4. Less excess.
  5. Focus on needs, not wants.
  6. Read 50 books.
  7. Get down to my goal weight and stay there (wouldn’t be a New Year’s resolution list without this on it, right?)
  8. Run at least one half marathon.
  9. Run my first full marathon.
  10. Better scheduled home life / have a plan for each day.
  11. Fold the laundry in the same day as I wash it (can anyone else feel me on this?).
  12. Yell less.
  13. Read 1 book to the kids every day.
  14. Don’t get pregnant. 😉

I prayed thanks over 2016 this morning and began my first resolution of 2017 with reflection and projection. God even laid some special people on my heart in my first bible reading of the year (I know it’s no coincidence that He’s already moving in me on day 1).


I hope that whatever you want to accomplish in 2017, you accomplish. I pray for health and prosperity for you and yours. Cheers to the New Year.


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