Gift Guide #2 – For the ladies!

I know, I know… Christmas is less than 10 days away. But lets be real, I made this guide for men (more specifically, for ladies to share WITH their men) and most guys are just now realizing that it’s even December and they should think about buying their ladies something for Christmas (guys, we know you have other strengths). (Yes, I know this is not true of all men). (Let’s move on).

EVERYTHING on this list is shipping before Christmas, I promise you that. I made this guide complete with a few things I HAVE, a few things I WANT, and a few things that are just plain cute and couldn’t be left off of the gift guide.


Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedge: These wedges are a winter dream. Enough grip and tread to seriously hold up in some snow (and I would know, we are currently experiencing a Siberian Winter cold front with oodles of snow and I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN). You can’t beat one day shipping from Zappos, either.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: Otherwise known as a blardigan as dubbed by blogger Sheaffer Told Me To, because it is the perfect love child of a blanket and a cardigan. I pair this baby with my Sorel wedges above on a regular basis. It’s also the perfect mom garb (as evidenced by the mystery dribble on the left side of the sweater which I have cleverly hidden from you all by wrapping Knox up in the spituppy coziness).


Anastasia Duo Brow Powder: Ladies, this is a need not a want. Gentlemen, it’ll fit in her stocking. But really, if I’m short on time before I run out the door, there are 3 things I don’t miss: foundation, mascara and THIS BROW POWDER. It’s natural looking and game changing. I would be doing you a disservice by not sharing this with you, so you’re welcome.

Mac Nutcracker Mini Lipstick Gift Set: I have ONE of these beautiful colors (Rebel) and LOVE it for a fun and dramatic look on special occasions (or you know, Friday nights drinking Starbucks and looking at Christmas lights… whatever warrants a bold lip for you is OK by me). If you’re more of a neutral lip gal, here’s another good option.

Hunter Original Gloss Military Red Boots: Because I love my bright red boots. They remind me of firefighters and Santa Claus. Which is strange because neither of those people wear red boots. OK MOVING RIGHT ALONG.

Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats: I got these for my birthday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I’ve always loved Tory Burch Revas, but the metal medallion is a little too dressy for my ultra-casual lifestyle. THESE, however, go with my casual everyday looks just fine. Also, they’re ON SALE, which I wasn’t even expecting to see when I listed them on this shopping guide. Which also means I may be adding a color to my collection…

Barefoot Dreams Bath Robe: A bath robe is definitely on my Christmas wish list. I told Navy that’s what I wanted from him for Christmas. I don’t care what bath robe I get and I really am not picky, but since I’m shopping for all of YOU fine folks tonight, I figured I’d pick this one since I know it’s made from angel wings (just like the blardigan above).

Kitchen Aid Mixer: If you’re not the owner of a Kitchen Aid stand mixer yet, this was a favorite gift I received from Stockton several years ago. I use it OFTEN (because I’m more inclined to combine ingredients in the name of baking than cooking it seems) and it makes crafting your recipes much easier. Many recipes can benefit from the different speed options and attachments, also, so it really is a worthwhile purchase that you or your significant other/recipient will have forever.

David Yurman Cable Classics Bracelet: I’ve got a little David Yurman collection going that Stockton has spoiled me with over the years and this piece is just a gorgeous and classic style that I love. It’s a splurge, for certain, but if you’re in it for a big winner and your Christmas budget allows, this is a beaut.

Present Over Perfect: I would like to give this book to every friend and loved one in my life. I’m not, but I would like to. So instead, I think everyone else should buy it for one person – JUST ONE – and then everyone will read it and we can all just live in a happier world. Trust me. It’s that good.

Warm & Cozy Mug: Sometimes you need a little something for your officemate, your kids’ teacher or your girlfriends’ gift exchange. This mug is that perfect something. You could even beef it up with a Starbucks gift card or some gourmet coffee beans. ADORABLE! But make sure you order before Monday for Christmas delivery!!


Capri Blue Cheer Candles: These beautiful candles smell as nice as they look. And they aren’t just the scents of Christmas, they’re the scents of WINTER. I love every single thing that Capri Blue makes, so these fall under the Perfect Gift For Anyone category. Also must be ordered by Monday for Christmas delivery.

Cable Beanie: You wanna know something? I’ve never liked pink. All of a sudden, I have a daughter and I must confess… SOME pink tones are growing on me. Like this super cute dusty rose beanie. It just seems like a neutral to me, and this color still pairs well with all of the black, grey and olive green in my otherwise very boyish-toned wardrobe. So little by little I’m entering into feminine territory. BABY STEPS! I purchased mine locally at the new Vintage Charm boutique (which I LOVE!) but if you aren’t in the Granger or surrounding Chicago areas, you can find it on Amazon. 



SHEW! Ready to shop? Get to it. Let me know if you end up buying any of these items and we can meet up and be twinsies.




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