Holiday Gift Guide #1 – The Littlest Ones

OK, gang, it’s almost Thanksgiving which means holiday shopping is upon us (or in the case of some, it may be already well underway). Since I kicked off this blog back in the Summer, I’ve been chomping at the bit to create holiday gift guides for everyone because shopping is something I’m slightly well-versed in. Right, Stockton? Heh. Heh.

(Hides all of the cardboard boxes that keep arriving everyday from online retailers…)

Er, let’s continue.


Today I’m going to be sharing some favorite items for the littles babes on your gift list! This list is for kids age 0-5 (give or take) and contains some of my favorite, unique finds plus a one-day sale that you won’t want to miss out on. Ladies first!


Freshly Picked Moccasins: I didn’t think I liked the color pink before I had Brighton. To be clear, there are certain shades of pink that I still abhor. However, the blush leather moccasins that I received for BB, well let’s just say they’re quickly making me a pink fan. RIGHT NOW, Freshly Picked has 25% off their entire website as a part of their Black Tuesday “Sweetest Sale” which they only offer twice per year! I will be getting Brighton a bigger pair (or two) for the upcoming seasons so she can grow into them. I’m digging the Lemonade pair for a fun print and the metallic options are all super adorable and totally modern neutrals.

The Posh Society Leather Headbands: This adorable Etsy shop has partnered with Freshly Picked using identical leathers to make coordinating headbands. Guys, little girls in leather bows might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Brighton has the blush pink (to match her moccs of course). Another adorable detail? When she outgrows it as a headband, these leather bows look just as precious in pigtails or pony tails in big girls.

Ballerina Bunny Bank: I knew I wanted to get Brighton a special piggy bank, so I went perusing through some local baby boutiques to find one I could slip under the tree. Admittedly, I am not getting BB much for Christmas (she’s a newborn for goodness sake… the main reason I’m getting her anything is so the boys don’t think Santa dissed their sister). This Ballerina Bank was found at an adorable girls’ boutique in Mishawaka called Little Princess Treasures. If you’re local to the area and have girls on your shopping list, this store is a must-visit. Sorry there’s no link, but shopping small sometimes means dragging your butt to a real, live store. I know. So retro.

PJ Salvage Pajamas: I stumbled upon these cuddly and adorable pajamas the other day and instantly knew they needed to be purchased for one of my nieces. I am a sucker for anything with an animal face or ears, and these fleece pajamas are no exception. I’ll be combining them with a bathrobe set for her and her American Girl Doll for a super Cozy Christmas Combo. How’s that for a holiday alliteration?

My Generation Doll Accessories: Speaking of dolls, I recently discovered Target’s line of 18″ doll accessories, and guys, I’m a huge fan! I got a couple pieces for each of my nieces, and the whole line is super adorable and a fraction of the price of American Girl items. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some AG. I was raised on it! But for the items that are going to get beat up and played with hard, this line is affordable and adorable and guess what? Your kids won’t know the difference. But your wallet might. So take that extra few bucks and go to the Starbucks in the front of the store and get yourself a Peppermint Mocha. (Pictured: Salon chair, Clip-on-Counter High Chair).

Paint your own Pottery in South Bend: I love an experiential gift, and all four of my nieces are little artists. This would be such a fun gift to get your girl. Treat her to a day downtown with a paint-your-own pottery class at The Pigeon and The Hen, then head to the South Bend Chocolate Cafe for hot chocolate and a treat. Honestly, this gift would be awesome for boys, too! Family night at the pottery studio sounds like an awesome post-holiday activity regardless of your kids’ ages. Slip a “gift certificate” in their stocking to be redeemed at a date of their choosing after Christmas. If you aren’t local to the South Bend area, look up a paint your own pottery or canvas painting business in your area. I’m sure you’ll find something nearby.

Now for the little gents in your life:


Freshly Picked Leather Moccasins: I love these shoes for little ones so much. They have amazing boy prints (I have a long standing love affair with camo). FOR 24 HOURS ONLY they have a sale going on right now – 25% off EVERYTHING on the site. A sale of this size only happens twice a year, so I will definitely be making some purchases. Here are my other favorite boy choices: Stone Suede (also a great gender neutral option) and Zion.

Hess Toy Truck: Stockton and I saw this on the Today Show a few weeks ago on the day that the 2016 truck was released. He was on their website and on a 30-minute wait list to order immediately! We got one for each boy and I’m super excited to have discovered this product because they release a new truck every year so it’s really a tradition and collector’s item. You can start this tradition as early as with your newborn, or get it for your 10 year old. Boys and trucks are a timeless combination.

LEGO City Advent Set: Legos have officially become A Thing at our house this year. Navy is an incredible builder and can whip through a 500-piece set in a couple hours. And of course, if Navy likes something, Knox likes it too. We ordered this Advent set to give them on December 1. The idea is that they build one figure per day for 24 days leading up to Christmas. I love that it’s interactive and something they can look forward to each day. Now the trick will be to get them to ONLY build one per day and not do the whole set on December 1st! Beyond this cute Advent set, any Lego set is a great gift for boys because it gets them working with their hands and keeps them busy for hours!

Holiday Jammies: My boys could mostly care less about clothing, but these kids love pajamas. And I totally can’t blame them. Sleepwear is a universal love language, right? Unless you sleep naked, which is your business. Just let me believe that you enjoy pajamas. I particularly enjoy a classic pair of Hanna Jams, like these multi-striped long johns. We gave these to our kids as an early present before getting our family photos taken a couple weeks ago so they could wear them in our pictures for a sweet, cozy look. I can’t wait to see how they turned out!

Soccer Shots: My guys have done Soccer Shots for years and they LOVE it. The cool thing about gifting your kids with an enrollment in a sport or activity is that it isn’t a material possession and it is truly a gift that keeps on giving well after the holidays are over. So whether you sign them up for soccer, or any other activity (gymnastics, basketball, tee ball, art class, etc.), it’s a great use of your holiday dollars and will benefit them in a way toys simply can’t. Great for girls, of course, too!

Trampoline/Ball Pit Activity Center: This gift is specifically for our three year old son, but I like it because all three kids can enjoy it! The recommendation came straight the boys’ preschool teacher (and if anybody knows 3-6 year olds, she does!). She said that Knox gets bored and fidgety with the work cycle of the classroom after about an hour and a half, so they keep a trampoline in the hallway where kids with a little extra energy can go bounce off some steam. Apparently, Knox is a frequent bouncer (…). So I figured with a newborn in the house, our winter may look a little less active than in years past, meaning we need some indoor options for burning off that energy. Knox can bounce his brains out and when Brighton gets to the age that she’s sitting up and able to focus on objects, she can enjoy the ball pit when her brothers aren’t. Do I want to pick up a zillion balls from my basement floor on the regular? No, no I do not. But will my kids love it? Youbetcha. Kids enjoyment > Mom’s OCD.


Let me know if you’re a fan of the gift guides and if you’d like to see more! They take a ton of effort but I’m happy to do the shopping homework for you if it’ll help you out this holiday season! I’m selfless like that when it comes to my willingness to shop 😉

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