Welcome to my house

play that music too loud, show me what you do now, we don’t need to goooooo out. Open up the champagne, pop! It’s my house, come on, turn it up.

OK by now I hope you’re feeling settled into this blog post and singing Flo Rida. You can excuse yourself if you’d like to grab a bottle of champagne before we proceed.


Ok, welcome back. Today I’m going to take you on a little tour of my home! Get on in here, grab a blanket and get cozy (because today it’s 37 degrees and snowing as opposed to the early September day I took all of these photos). By this evening, I will most likely have a Christmas tree up in my living room. That’s how well I’m doing with staying on top of planned blog posts. NEVERYOUMIND.

Stockton and I bought our home in 2013 and we closed on it a mere 16 days before Knox was born. If this isn’t your first time here, yes, there was a lot of ‘ish going on surrounding the birth of our second child. It’s called insanity and I don’t recommend it. When we bought the house, it was in HORRIBLE shape. The neighbors later confessed that they never saw the previous homeowners out of the home; the husband, we learned, was extremely overweight and had actually caused some damage to certain parts of the home because of some accidents (such as falling down the stairs and breaking a few banister spindles); they also had several pets, none of whom ever went outside to do their dirty business, which means the house was a big animal toilet. We were excited by the potential of this home and disgusted by the state it was in when we closed. The work began immediately to fix it up (because, y’know, baby was due any day and we were moving in before delivery).

On the immediate home improvement list before we moved in:

  • Recarpet the entire house – this involved ripping up the old stuff and chemically treating all of the subfloor because it was so disgusting from the years of animal stains. Blegh.
  • Replace laminate countertops with new granite
  • New marble back splash in the kitchen
  • New single basin kitchen sink and hardware
  • New kitchen appliances and new washer/dryer
  • Professional paint throughout the house

Those improvements got the house livable for us. Later on, we added some of the following improvements to the list:

  • Custom glass shower door added in master bath
  • Custom paint on all cherry cabinets in the house (new paint color is Dovetail by Sherwin Williams)
  • Refinished the wood floors
  • Replaced white wooden spindles on the staircase with custom metal black spindles

All in all, this house has been a labor of love for us, but it has taught us so much about getting our feet wet in the world of remodeling leading us to our newest venture of building our forever home. We are lucky to have had my dad to consult on our remodel journey, primarily to help give us local sources for where to find materials and craftsmen to complete the work we needed done.

Ok, after all that jibber jabber, let’s have another glass of champagne (glugluglug) and come on inside!



When you first enter our house, you have our shared office space on the right behind those glass French doors, and our dining room is on the left. As you proceed through the foyer, you end up right in our living room.

Here is the before and after of our office/dining/living room:




As you turn left out of the living room, you walk straight into the kitchen. One of the things I loved about this house when we bought it was the openness of the floor plan. The whole house is a donut around the center staircase and for the most part, there are no walls separating the primary living spaces on the main floor, which makes it an excellent racetrack for two certain little boys who seem to have a physical condition wherein they never stop running laps. But really, it’s also very conducive to having groups over and feeling a good sense of community wherever you are in the house.

As you can see in the before pictures, the cabinets used to be dark cherry and the counters were dark grey laminate with an outdated mitered shape around the island. We wanted to brighten it, update it and give it some more high end finishes for our own enjoyment as well as for resale purposes. The grey cabinets were a trend I loved so we went for it and I’ve been extremely pleased. If you’re going to have your cabinets painted, I highly recommend hiring it out to professional painters. You get what you pay for and this is a job that you want to last!


Keep going through that pocket door in the kitchen and you’ll find yourself in our mudroom/laundry room/rear entry. The mudroom was another selling point for me when we bought the house. Even though it’s minimal as mudrooms go, it was a big upgrade from our previous home’s garage entrance. And no, it’s not usually this clean. It’s called a mudroom for a reason. 


Not pictured: basement and main floor powder room.

OK let’s head upstairs!

When you get to the top of the staircase, you can take a left and walk across the catwalk to Knox’s room. This was a lime green workout room when we bought it (and trust me when I say it was a shocking color and I would never recommend using that color for anything other than a highlighter). And the red curtain… forthelove…


For the first two years we lived in this house, we were able to utilize the room as a playroom. We painted it a fun and soft aqua color that was playful and appropriate for a kids’ space. However, when I became pregnant with Brighton, we repurposed it yet again into a bedroom for Knox. We had our painters come back and neutralize it with a soft grey, and we decorated it according to Knox’s “big boy” needs.


Clear on the other end of the second level, we have Navy’s bedroom. His room connects to the kids’ bathroom via a pocket door (the bathroom also has a hallway entry). The bathroom has double sinks and a separate toilet/tub shower room which again, was a big upgrade from our first home’s upstairs bathroom. With multiple kids, this bigger bathroom has served us well.



In the middle of the two big boy rooms is the nursery, location chosen because it is directly across the hall from the master so we can be closest to the baby. I don’t have many pictures of the nursery yet because we’re still putting those finishing touches on it, but here’s a few to whet your appetite.


And finally, the master bedroom. A room intended for THE GROWNUP HUMANS OF THE HOME and in reality, usually completely overrun with children’s laundry, lego pieces, a sleeping dachshund and orphaned shoes (so many shoes… seriously, how are there always so many shoes all over the place? I swear the house has closets.). The master bedroom has a fireplace (bow chicka wow wow) but we hardly ever use it (wah wahhh). The one time a year we DO use it is Christmas morning when we let our kids open their stockings in our bedroom before heading downstairs for the mayhem of gift-opening. So that’s a sweet little perk to having a fireplace in your bedroom.



We’ve been here for 3 years now and we have just shy of one year left until we say goodbye to this house. It’s been a great home for our family and we’ve had some lifelong memories made inside these walls. It was the perfect place to go from one kid to three kids. And while it has been fun sharing all of these pictures of the guts of our home, I would like to leave you with this little nugget of truth in case you ever drop by in person:

My home was clean one time when I took a bunch of photos for my blog. I’m sorry you missed it.

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