A letter to Manly Men

Last week, Stockton & I were graciously gifted with hundreds and hundreds of diapers in anticipation of the birth of our new baby. The generous gift givers? None other than 15 noble, Christlike men, a tribe aptly referred to as The Manly Men in and around our church; my husband’s small group that meets in the dark hours of the morning every Thursday (I shared a photo of their gift on Instagram last week). I write this post as a tribute to their generosity and kindness, and a tiny token of my utmost gratitude.

Dear Men,

After a week of walking past the mountain of diapers you so generously gifted us with, I finally put my two little Boyish Boys (not quite Manly Men, they’re still growing into your shoes) to work hauling their new sibling’s diaper stash up to the nursery. As I sat in the nursery unwrapping each sleeve of diapers, I had the opportunity to reflect on how much more that gesture meant to me than you may realize. As a mom of two little boys, who will be grown men sooner than I care to acknowledge, I see the virtue in your gesture and all I can do is pray that my sons are someday the manliest men among their peers, who spend their time and resources pouring into others during life’s big moments; even in buying diapers for the newest child among their peers. You see, Men, you have more eyes watching you than perhaps you realize. It has been no secret from our sons that the generosity of this gift came from the men Daddy meets with every Thursday morning (a morning they generally sulk a little more than usual because their dad isn’t home to help them get ready for school). They’re watching. They’re listening. And I know the dozens of children represented in your small group alone are also watching and listening to the things their daddies and uncles bring home.


I can think of nothing more manly than taking care of the women and children among you. Chivalry may be waning in our society, but you are proof it is not yet dead. As you lead your peers and future generations of Manly Men, remember that you are a light; a beacon of integrity. I pray for each and every one of you as you traverse through life’s inevitable ups and downs; I thank God that He has placed each of you in this particular small group; I pray that as wives, we can support you just as you support us in our times of need; I pray that you would be blessed as you have been a blessing to me.


Flowers for another group wife, delivered to her during her chemotherapy regimen. 

Thank you for your gift to our family. And as a small token of my gratitude, I hope you enjoy some breakfast treats this morning with your usual coffee. You are highly regarded by me, and I am so grateful for your friendship, your support and your prayers in the coming days and weeks.



The Manly Men with Steven Mansfield, author of Manly Men (the book after which they named themselves)

Gratefully yours,




*The pumpkin muffin recipe I prepared for the group this morning can be found here

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