2 Month Construction Update

The beginning stages of building a home are so fun. Full of daily change that you can really see and experience. The boys in my life are especially obsessed with pulling up to the job site and watching the framers sling around hammers. Speaking of framers, we have major changes since our one month update. As in, walls and stairs and actual rooms!


September 22, 2016 (one month progress)


October 22, 2016 (two month progress)

In the last month, they completed the backfilling of dirt around the foundation, poured the garage floor, and began framing. They’ve had some great weather and our framing crew is working SO hard to get the building up and weather-proofed before the cold weather really sets in. There have been a few inclement weather days with rain that prevented them from working, but they have more than made up for those lost days with their late evenings and extra weekend hours. We’re so grateful to have such a hard working team out there getting the house popped up in such a quick manner.

Speaking of having the house up with rooms framed out, it’s a crazy feeling to walk through the spaces that we have only previously looked at on paper. It feels so different in real life than it did while we were just imagining it. Admittedly, I didn’t do much measuring to see how spaces would feel before the construction process. I have been surprised by several spaces that feel larger in real life, or some narrower in real life than I imagined while looking at the plans (though I’m prepared for it to feel way different yet again once drywall goes in). Ultimately, it was never a concern of mine because of the expertise of my dad and his architectural team. They have designed so many homes that he can look at a plan and know exactly how big that 1″ square room on paper will feel in real life. And once the drywall is up and the rooms take their final shape, I know it will feel exactly right.

We have been fortunate that very few revisions have been required now that the house is in full-on construction mode, but as with all projects, there have been a few. Among those changes: our 4th bedroom upstairs was just slightly “off” with regards to our plans for the room and the amount of wall space that was needed on the East wall. That being said, within a couple hours of brainstorming the best modification, my dad and his team were able to slightly modify the upstairs laundry room which shares a wall with the room, and move the closet door from the bedroom wall to just inside the bathroom, extending the bedroom wall just enough that we can put any size bed along that East wall. The bonus of that modification? Our kids now get a sweet little hideaway space off the closet that would have otherwise been unused and just framed off. Originally we intended to make bedroom 4 a guest room until it was eventually needed for one of our kids, but we think now we’ll just assign it to one of the boys so they can fully enjoy that secret reading/play cave.

Another slight modification was the elimination of a window in the Jack & Jill bathroom upstairs between bedrooms 2 & 3. Originally there would have been a narrow window between the two mirrors, but now that we can get a feel for the space, we felt it would make the mirrors too narrow and force the sinks to be pushed to the walls too far. Eliminating the window will open up the space to feel much wider for two kids at a time, and we don’t have to worry about the loss of natural light because we will be installing a skylight system called Solatube for natural light. They bring SO much light into a space, you feel like you have overhead lights on without using any energy at all.


Our virtual tour renderings showing the Jack & Jill window from the inside and out.

For the sinks, I would LOVE to get a trough-style sink for them to share, but Stockton and I are still working through whether that is worth sacrificing the counter space that two separate basins would afford. If it’s just for the boys, counter space isn’t that vital (plus they will have medicine cabinets), so we’ll be making that decision sooner than later for plumbing and cabinet purposes and I’ll keep you informed! In the meantime, here is some trough sink inspiration I fell in love with from Houzz.


Exciting things are happening now, but we also know that not every month is going to be this visibly different so we are enjoying the quick visual progress while it lasts and thanking God for the mild Fall we’ve had so far!

Also: now that Navy has a bedroom, he thinks he can spend the night at the house. I haven’t ruled it out entirely just yet…

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