Pregnant in Non-Maternity

Maternity clothes have been a total joke this pregnancy. I have cried actual tears about the horrific quality of maternity clothes (let’s not even discuss the horrific style). Just ask my sisters and mom, who two separate times last week, had to hear about (and see pictures that cannot be unseen of) my ripped and torn maternity panels on multiple pairs of jeans. Below the belly doesn’t work, a mid-belly panel looks bizarre in tight-fitting shirts and a full panel requires so much yanking and pulling to keep up that they end up looking like I was attacked by a bear. I have resorted (and I promised I wouldn’t do this) to leggings. I know. Leggings as pants. I’m not sure how I feel about it, either.


Last week at my routine doctor appointment, I wore this leggings-and-tunic-and-tennies combo and was comfortable in public for the first time in 8 months. Because you reach a certain point in pregnancy where your give-a-damn is gone and you go with the flow. For me not to share this entire head-to-toe NON-maternity outfit with you would be a crime, though, because as it turns out, I have several pregnant friends who need to know you have options outside of Motherhood (::shivers::). And the best part is the shirt and top are both under $50 each. WOOT!

picmonkey-collageB.P. Striped Tunic | Moto Leggings | Adidas Samba Sneaker | Tassel Necklace |Tory Burch Hobo

The tunic is literally everything and it’s under $20. Full price. Is that the best news you’ve heard all day? Because I can think of 1,000 ways to wear this top this Fall and I’m so excited for some post-baby styling. Pair it with a scarf, a cargo jacket, some black skinny jeans, distressed denim… You’ll see me in this often.

The leggings are so forgiving and adorable. What I love about them (and the reason I can justify wearing them in public as pants) is the moto detailing. They boast enough detailing on them that they really feel more like pants than leggings in appearance, but in comfort, they are a notch above pajama pants. I love them so much, I got them in black, too, and at $39 a piece, they’re a fantastic price point.

My exact tassel necklace was purchased at J. Crew recently on sale but I wasn’t able to find it on their website. If you frequent the South Bend J. Crew you may still be able to find it, but otherwise, this super close dupe is also on sale and equally adorable (and so, so versatile).

My Sambas are my new favorite kicks. I purchased them in the Spring but have only recently been wearing them on repeat because now that we are officially out of sandal season, they’re my footsies’ favorite things. I found the best price for you guys at Dicks’ Sporting Goods, but you can also get these at ZAPPOS and Nordstrom and a host of other retailers. Beware though! They are considered a sport shoe, so stores like Finish Line and Champs did not have them stocked. Raise your hand if you recall wearing the black version of these in the 90’s for indoor soccer (ME! ME!).

And finally, my purse, which I have carried since July and love just as much as the day it arrived. This bag is so highly functional, roomy without being overwhelming, and will even double as a great diaper bag because of those convenient side pockets which I could easily throw a bottle in. The only problem is it doesn’t fit my changing pad I purchased recently, but for quick outings with the babe, I fully intend to stick to my trusty Tory Burch hobo. Oh, and did I mention it’s nearly half off? Yeah. That’s noteworthy. I purchased this bag on sale, also, but with the major discount being offered now, it’s too good a secret to keep. ALSO, I was going to link to ShopBop, which is where I purchased mine, and it sold out DURING THE TIME IT TOOK ME TO WRITE THIS PARAGRAPH! YIKES! So if you love and want this bag, I wouldn’t delay.

Fashion posts are few and far between when you’re struggling to just put together outfits that cover all of your body parts, but trust me when I say this outfit is a keeper and if you buy any or all of it, you will surely thank me.


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