Boys wear bows, too

Boys can wear bows, too (bow TIES, that is). There is something timelessly classic about a little boy in a bow tie. Throw on some suspenders and I am completely smitten. A boy mama who has no self control, and is utterly obsessed with her boys. They just slay me.


When we were choosing the adorable little outfits for my sister’s August wedding, I agonized over what to dress the boys in. Will it be hot? Probably. Will they get cranky if they’re too uncomfortably dressed? Most likely. I also wanted to make sure the boys looked age appropriate. Trying to stuff them into something that the grown ups were wearing might make them feel (and look) unnatural, and there’s a reason Maddie asked a 2 and 4 year old to be ring bearers and not full grown men… they’re KIDS! Let them be little, right? So finding something that made them look and feel their age while still being dressed appropriately for a formal outdoor wedding was, shall we say, an interesting challenge.

To recap, the criteria:

  • Must work for an outdoor, formal event
  • Must be age appropriate
  • Must tie into the theme of Maddie and Nate’s wedding (slightly rustic/chic with lots of nature elements)
  • Must be freaking adorable (I added that last one, but please, this is a given).

The end result:

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 3.00.21 PM.png

the dapper boys with their new Uncle Nate

I ended up buying two different iterations of the bottoms (both by CrewCuts for J. Crew Factory) because I wasn’t sure if pants would end up being preferable over shorts, based on how dressy Maddie wanted them to be. The Thompson Suiting was the perfect collection that was dressier than khaki chinos, but still made for kids, which means it fit well and had necessary features for my slim kids, like adjustable waistbands. We had two pairs of suspenders from a Zulily event back around Easter that worked perfectly for the look we wanted, but these suspenders from J. Crew would have also been perfect. We have several white button up shirts for the boys, but they were all a little too casual (with roll-up sleeves and casual buttons, linen material, etc.) so we went ahead and got them both new shirts from the Thomspon Suiting collection also. The Summer collection of shorts and seasonal bow ties is no longer available, but these two bow ties are a very close match for what my babes ended up wearing, which were the icing on the cake for these ultra handsome little-man looks. So while this is not an exact outfit replication, it’s an awfully close and adorable roundup of similar items if you have an upcoming event since ALL of these are available currently!



Maddie obviously ended up choosing shorts for her wedding, which I think was the FAR more comfortable selection (plus it really showed off their adorable little Oxford shoes). The lime green soled version is no longer available, but this navy soled version is so cute and way more neutral. Side note: those shoes are freaking precious, but poor Navy’s were a size too small, so 30 minutes before the wedding, I was greasing up his feet with hand soap and no socks just to get his foot in the shoe. Poor little trooper. No wonder all of the pictures of him look like this:


His little cousin, Tatum, definitely makes up for it with her sweetness! I can’t even handle that little grin.

I loved that the boys weren’t matchy-matchy with the groomsmen but they still so perfectly fit into the color and theme of the wedding.

wedding elements.jpg

Mamas of boys, don’t ever let anyone tell you that dressing little boys isn’t just as much fun as dressing little girls. You take those nay-sayers and you accept their nay-saying as a CHALLENGE, and mamas, let’s rise to the occasion and raise a generation of stud muffins and gentlemen. Don’t let it get to their heads and don’t create a little sociopath, but have fun making your little man stand out in a crowd. Fashion isn’t just for the girls.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 3.08.13 PM.png

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