Butterscotch, chocolate and pretzels OH MY

Lately, I’ve been a sucker who is quickly giving all my money to Starbucks thanks to their new Salted Caramel Mocha (step aside, PSL, you’ve been outdone). That sweet and salty combination is intoxicating (or at least as intoxicating as my ultra-sober, ultra-pregnant
screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-2-42-45-pmself can withstand) and my sweet tooth has been on a hunt to find a recipe with a similar sweet and salty dynamic that can be recreated into our family’s favorite accessible treat: cookies (obviously). Did you know that I’m so obsessed with cookies that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the appreciation and curation of JUST cookies? Decorated cookies, complex cookies, simple cookies, cookies that’ll make you slap yo’ mama… they’re all present and accounted for right here.

Today, I pulled the trigger on trying out the gorgeous Sea Salt Butterscotch Pretzel Cookies over from Cookies & Cups. There isn’t a thing I did differently, and the cookies are just as gorgeous and delicious as they claim to be! Butterscotch chips are a household staple for me (as well as semi-sweet chips, which should naturally be a staple in every kitchen… it’s American). My favorite basic cookie of all time, and one I’m known to bring to a potluck or share with friends, is Toll House’s classic Oatmeal Scotchie. This Sea Salt Butterscotch Pretzel recipe gives new meaning and purpose to Butterscotch chips.


image from Cookies & Cups

In this recipe, boiling the butter was a new step for me, but oh mama, the smell of cooked butter is Nirvana. If you ever need to go to your happy place, just throw a stick of butter on the stove and start huffing, because it’s otherworldly. Trust me, don’t judge me. The smells only got more and more explosive as the recipe unfolded. Once you add the fragrant butterscotch chips and the pretzels, those sweet and salty smells start to mix together and I was feeling lightheaded and irresponsible. It doesn’t take much these days. Also, I realize uncooked dough is not on the pregnant girl’s list of recommended foods, but this dough? Will make you break up with your basic chocolate chip cookie dough. It’s like dumping your sweet but kind of dopey boyfriend because Ryan Reynolds stepped on the scene and asked you to the prom. You go with Ryan. Sorry, old reliable bf.


See the resemblance?

A few weeks ago, I was inspired by my newlywed sister’s gorgeous domed cake plate I saw in her new kitchen, which is really a cheese plate, from Crate & Barrel. See, if I’m constantly seeking to keep a well stocked cookie jar, but also want to create pretty cookies, then it seemed contradictory to keep those pretty cookies closed up in a ceramic container where no one could appreciate their beauty! These are real issues, people. Forget about the vice presidential debate, we’re talking about REAL problems today. SO to solve my problem but also not 1) be a copycat and 2) spend the Crate & Barrel ticket price on their version, I picked up this all-glass version from Target, and I love it almost as much as her marble version. For $15 extra, if you’re in love with all things marble (and who isn’t), the Crate & Barrel one really is a beauty.

cookies 2.jpg

These cookies came out of the oven looking so picturesque. They are thick & lumpy (two visual attributes I can sort of relate to these days). Maybe that’s why I like them… we’re kindred spirits. A little sweet, a little salty, and super lumpy. After they bake, the recipe invites you to add a bit of flaked sea salt to the top, and here is some free life advice for you: if a cookie recipe ever invites you to add salt to the top of the cookie, always accept the invitation. This is why I have hypertension. Don’t tell my doctors. The recipe recommends baking for 10-12 minutes or until the edges begin to brown, but I added about a minute to ensure they were cooked throughout. Perfection. These will be serving the purpose of tempting my girlfriends tomorrow night after what will hopefully turn out to be an already fulfilling shared meal, so their life expectancy is roughly 24 hours. Now I just need to hide them from the men in my house so I have any to serve my friends at all.


Enjoy, and let me know if you attempt these delicious and delectable treats!



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