One Month House Update

Today marks our monthly construction-iversary of our new home. I’m trying to make an effort to visit often enough to let the boys enjoy all of the heavy machinery at work but not become that homeowner who is there tapping her toe and interrogating the workers every single day. That’s what my dad is for since he is the architect and happens to live across the cul de sac (poor builders).

Construction day 1, our family ground breaking

So here’s the skinny on what’s happened in the last month:

  • Lot clearing of trees and scrub brush that was on the site of the future home. We are saving ourselves a couple bucks by retaining all of the trees that were cut down to season and use as fire wood for the next eternity or so. 
  • Excavation (MACHINES! DIGGERS! BIG BOY TOYS!) (This process was thoroughly entertaining for my boys – all 3 of them…)
  • Someone came out to stake the house’s corners using GPS to ensure the proper placement on the lot. Technology! Irony of all ironies: this was done by an Amish man. 
  • Footings set in place to prepare for concrete basement walls. 
  • Basement walls poured. 
  • Basement walls waterproofed.
  • Plumbing stuff (holes, pipes and other base work that needs to be done in the basement before the concrete is poured). 
  • Rebar placed on basement flooring to prepare for concrete flooring. 
  • Concrete basement flooring all poured. Yay floors!
  • Back fill the soil against the walls of the basement so that it’s nice and packed in. Because we ruled out the possibility of having a mote around the house early in the design process. 

It’s impressive how much has gotten done given the underage crew we hired! We’re such a DIY family.


In a month’s time, it’s really impressive to see the changes. Next month we’ll be well into the framing stage so that should be a fun update! I’m so thankful that (so far) it’s been extremely un-stressful and just really fun to be a part of building a home from the dirt, up. 

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