First I drink the coffee, then I make the things.

I used to sew. Like, not just for fun, but sort of for a living. Then when I didn’t sew anymore, I really didn’t sew anymore. I had gotten so burned out on sewing, the mess, the craftiness of it all, that I abandoned it altogether. Then pregnancy happened and that maternal instinct kicked in and I felt biologically inclined to bust out my sewing machine and make things for my baby. I haven’t made an impressive heap of handmade blankies and rompers, I didn’t even make the baby’s bedding set myself, but I have a little start on accessories and I’m slowly working my way through the pile of new fabrics I bought for this little one.

Last week, I began pinning lots of modern baby gifts that can be handmade. Three babies in, I’m getting tired of some of the more conventional handmade options out there and I needed some fresh inspiration. I also needed some tutorials because I’ve never been fond of developing patterns myself, preferring to follow someone else’s steps who knows what works. You can check out that entire Pinterest board here if you’re looking for some baby gift inspiration that you can make yourself.

I had purchased a ton of fabric at my local Joann’s and Hobby Lobby with the intention of making the baby’s bedding, but then I decided to order it off Etsy instead, so I’m working through miles and miles of thread and fabric over here. The first item I made was a new Boppy cover to replace the bright orange cover I had on our nursing pillow after Knox was born (the nursing pillow, which in the last 3 years my 4 1/2 year old has claimed as his sleeping pillow… if only he knew). I knew I wanted to use a soft fabric, and I also knew I wanted a modern print that would fit in nicely with my home decor since I spend a fair amount of time nursing in the living room and the pillow is likely going to be left in whatever space it lands. SO, I decided on a black and white gingham after falling truly, madly, deeply in love with the chunky plaid for home decor and fashion.


My gingham inspiration

The Boppy cover tutorial I followed for making my slip cover can be found right here. I found it simple to follow and a very quick project (which is great because my per-project attention span is about 30 minutes at best).


Muslin blanket found here

Lola is enjoying testing out the nursery and is prepping the room for lots of sleep filled nights and long naps (her sleepy dog juju is surely A Thing, right?).


When I was done with the Boppy cover, I had a good amount of the flannel fabric leftover, which was perfect because I remembered a DIY scarf I had seen on Pinterest in the exact fabric that I’ve been wanting to make, so I did what any rational person would do: I drank more coffee, turned on the Michael Jackson Apple Radio Station and got back to the grind using this perfectly simple tutorial. scarf-in-mirror

My sisters have already requested identical scarves at some point this Fall (if they’re lucky, they may see them by Valentine’s Day at the rate which I get things done lately).


Making something with my own two hands feels good. It’s a lot easier to go to the store and buy something, but there’s something about knowing you created something for yourself or your baby, or any loved one, that gives you a different feeling of achievement. For now, my sewing machine and a stack of fabrics will sit on my kitchen floor until the motivation returns to get back on the horse, but I’ll go ahead and enjoy my few moments of pride in the two items I have made so far since retiring from sewing. They’re good enough for who they’re for.

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