A He or a She, What Will It Be

Three pregnancies in, Stockton and I have never chosen to find out the sex of our baby. We’re met with a variety of reactions when we say “We don’t know” in response to people’s inquiries regarding the sex of our unborn baby, but it has been one of the biggest highlights of the pregnancy/labor/delivery experience for us each time to be greeted with that huge surprise at the end.


Our first moments following Knox’s birth on 9-26-2013

The last two pregnancies, our ultrasound technicians swore they couldn’t tell the sex of our babies and that since we didn’t want to know, they didn’t have a medical reason to go snooping around. I suspect they may have been lying to me because my current ultrasound techs have seen the he/she goods multiple times this pregnancy, but feeling like no one knew helped me those last two pregnancies. THIS time around, I must confess I was tempted one time during a regular ultrasound (I get ultrasounds every time I go to the doctor because of my high risk status). The sonographer and I had a little extra time to kill before the doctor arrived for my exam and out of boredom, I asked her if she knew what we were having. She bashfully admitted she did, which sent me into a well-masked tailspin because YOU CANNOT KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT MY BABY I DO NOT KNOW! So I calmly requested she write the answer on a slip of paper and seal it in an envelope for me in case I should change my mind about knowing once I got home. As soon as I got to the car, I came to my senses and remembered that I LOVE not knowing the sex and that I knew I would kick myself later on if I missed out on the big beautiful surprise in the delivery room. I have been torturing my friends and family ever since by happily ignoring that little white envelope which has been placed up on the shelf where I keep the boys’ baby books, to be opened only once baby 3 has made his or her appearance (gotta see if she was right after all!).

In both of my previous pregnancies, I allowed myself one personalized item into the delivery room with me, bearing each name we considered whether our baby was a boy or a girl (mind you, I OWNED a personalization company at the time).


Stockton announced Knox’s birth to our family in the waiting room with these boxes of treats I made prior to delivery. We had a separate set if it was a girl (and I clearly had too much time on my hands, or incredibly terrible time management skills). 

Had Navy been a girl, the name would have been Kennedy Capri. Had Knox been a girl, our chosen name was Haven Mara. I always get a kick out of the fact that we haven’t stuck with those names through subsequent pregnancies, and each time we have a new top name choice. Guess we really weren’t meant to have a Kennedy or a Haven, or the boys would have been girls!

As I make my way into the home stretch of this pregnancy, I find myself being drawn more and more to gender-specific baby goods. Our nursery is a soft and beautiful neutral palate (more on that when all of the finishing touches are in place!) and I love it, but as for the day to day accessories, I know I want at least something that represents the gender of our baby from day 1 that I can pack in our hospital bag.


I have recently discovered an adorable online baby store that I couldn’t wait to purchase from. Spearmint Love carries all of the hot baby items and brands that most new moms have seen all over social media; Milk Snob, Dockatot, Elegant Baby, Little Unicorn, Lulujo and dozens more. I LOVE muslin swaddle blankets, and knew that Spearmint Love was known for their great selection, so I went straight for the blankets when I shopped for my special gender-specific goodie. I ended up purchasing two blankets; one by Lulujo, who I have been admiring from afar for years (since my retailer days) and the other is by Little Unicorn, a brand that is new to me this pregnancy.


The Hugs & Kisses Bamboo blanket is my boy or gender neutral blanket and the Watercolor Rose by Little Unicorn is obviously my girl blanket. If I DO have a girl this time, I’ll be able to use them both. If not, then I’ll fold up the watercolor rose blanket and save it for the future, since this is the one gender-specific item I have ripped the tags off of and washed in anticipation of having it be baby-ready on the big day.


Faux sheep skin rug from Hobby Lobby, candle from Target, Little Unicorn swaddle from Spearmint Love. Wicker basket no longer available. 

How pretty and sweet is this? I’m loving all things soft and lovely for baby girls. And I’ll be the first to say I am 100% out of my element in the girl aisle, so if we do have a girl, I’ll need to find my wings with little lady fashion. I have no idea what kind of girl mom I would be, what styles I would be attracted to, if I will do bows in her hair, etc. It’s all Greek to me. But I do know I love this sweet blanket, and it’s a good place to start.

Since I was able to test out two different brands with my purchase, I must give my winning vote to the Hugs & Kisses blanket by Lulujo in terms of softness and coziness. The Little Unicorn blanket is great (and high on cuteness) but it doesn’t hold a candle to the buttery softness of the Lulujo blanket.

Just 6-ish weeks until I have a new baby to swaddle and snuggle, and these little details are getting me through the discomfort of the third trimester which feels oddly similar to the last mile of a half marathon – the end is in sight and the momentum is picking back up, but I’m sore and tired and growing weary. Thankful for little gems that keep my eye on the prize (and you better bet I have a shopping cart full and ready to process as soon as I know who specifically we’re buying for). A he or a she; what will it be?

If you want to shop for some adorable and sweet baby goods for yourself or as a gift, head over to Spearmint Love and use the code NEWSAVE10 (enter your email to be added to their mailing list while you’re there).

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