Meal times are hard.messy-hands

Between messes, objections, pickiness and portion control, serving toddlers is simply a chore sometimes (can I get an amen and/or a very full glass of wine??).

A few weeks ago on a whim while shopping at a local baby boutique, I found these game board dinner plates. I figured I had nothing to lose giving them a shot, so I snatched up two and we broke them in that very night. I would never exaggerate (read: I almost always exaggerate, but I swear I’m telling the unexaggerated truth this time); these plates changed the way my kids eat! The object: eat all of the food in each game slot and at the end, you get a special treat for your prize. Since I, too, am motivated by dessert incentives, this is a product that speaks my love language.


After using these for a few weeks and witnessing my kids try all kinds of new foods with the incentive of earning dessert at the end, I decided I couldn’t keep this product to myself any longer. Because as it turns out, I don’t think I’m alone when it comes to struggling through meal times. This plate simplifies my job as a mom, in a way that appeals to my kids too. Sure, I can be Tough Mom and simply enforce the rules with my kids without a fun plate (and trust me, I have and I do) but in an effort to have fewer battles in our home, using this plate has proven to be such a peaceful compromise. You do the eating, you get a token of my appreciation at the end. Simple as that. Also, it has upped my baking game to keep desserts handy.

Among the foods my kids have tried after years (LITERAL YEARS OF MY LIFE) of battling: pasta (don’t ask), chili, rice (seriously…), and lots and lots of green stuff. So you see, we were missing out and arguing over some very very basic food groups, and Mama was in desperate need of a solution. And because I love sharing a good thing with anyone else who may feel my pain, I’m GIVING AWAY one plate to one lucky mama who needs a hand in the dinner department!


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Here’s how to enter the giveaway (all entries must be made via Instagram):

  1. Visit & follow my Instagram.
  2. Like the giveaway photo
  3. Visit The Natural Way’s Instagram & follow their account
  4. For a bonus entry to win, tag a fellow toddler-mom who could benefit from the giveaway!

You MUST follow both accounts to be considered as a winner (we check!). And while you’re checking out The Natural Way, be sure to visit their new store at University Park Mall where you will find a gazillion other amazing gadgets and inventions that make parenting our little ones a little easier (and prettier). They have gorgeous bedding and furniture (our crib, dresser and upholstered rocking chair that we bought over 5 years ago are from them!), and the owner, Dawn, is a former nurse and lactation consultant so natural feeding and parenting are her specialty. So, head on in to The Natural Way to pick up more of these plates and other wonderful baby items (tell them Courtney sent you!). Oh, and say hi to Richard the Dachshund when you stop in.

Have a product you LOVE for your little ones? Email me at to share your genius discovery!

This is a sponsored post. The product mentioned herein has been tested and endorsed by myself, but has been generously provided for the giveaway by the donating retailer. To participate as a retailer in a future giveaway, please contact me. 

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