Fellowship, Friends & Feasting

This Summer I was so blessed to be a part of a short women’s bible study. Some of us were strangers, others of us were sisters, but by the end of our 10 weeks of study, we were something special to each other; a fellowship of women who intentionally set aside a few hours every week to talk, cry, laugh, eat, pray and do life side by side. Last night, to end our weekly study, we had a beautiful feast at my new friend, Anne Marie’s, home. We toasted to our individual praises from the Summer, and can I just tell you how refreshing it is to have a whole party celebrating how God has been faithful? We should all have Praise Parties more often, because nothing goes better with praising Jesus than Prosecco (and I think Jesus would be down with that).


I had every intention of bringing my camera to capture our gorgeous feast and friends all at once, but pregnancy brain got the best of me and as I went to click the first photo, I was alerted that there was no SD card in my camera. WOP WOP! So instead, today I photographed our gorgeous study book, which happened to provide all of the delicious recipes for our evening! Can I get an AMEN for books the that leave you well-fed spiritually AND physically? During the Summer, we read two different studies published by She Reads Truth ministries. They were awesome and so perfect for our newbie group. Proverbs was my favorite and even though it was early in the Summer, I still think daily about how I can strive to be a woman of wisdom. It’ll be put on the shelf and often revisited in my quiet time! The second book we read was ACTS which was also awesome, but in a much more scholarly way (less looking inward into ourselves and more looking into scripture to learn about what was happening in the time following Jesus’ death and resurrection). It was actually really enlightening to do two studies that were so differently focused. ACTS was also the study that contained all of the yummy recipes I’ll share below, so it gets bonus points for being a cookbook + study book.

Here are all of the recipes from the book and some simple inspiration for your next feast with friends. They are all delicious and pretty easy to whip up (especially when you have each person bring a dish, so take it from me and divide & conquer, sisters). I prepared the kabobs and YUM, y’all. It was all yum, but these were simple AND yum, and the recipe is totally my style (“equal parts… slather some sauce on… make a mess… measurements/schmeasurements”). We’ll get to that. First up: Bruschetta.



The bruschetta was delicious and great as either a starter before the meal or with dinner. No rules, just right.


DSC_0969 copy

Untitled copy

The lemonade is delicious and super pretty served in a wine glass with the garnishes, plus you can add vodka or Prosecco if you’re feeling frisky.



sker recipe

A few notes on the skewers (since this was the dish I prepared and I feel most qualified to comment on the preparation):

  1. Pineapple preserves were tricky to find in my community for whatever reason. I found apricot preserves, mandarin preserves, and every other kind of preserves, but I didn’t find Pineapple preserves until I had tried a few different stores. Ultimately, Meijer had them if you are a local who will be attempting this dish!
  2. I bought pre-cut pineapple cubes because: lazy.
  3. I didn’t actually make the rice, but it was indeed the perfect side for the skewers. You could zest that up a bit if you wanted to, but the sauces and flavors from the skewers gave the rice enough flavor that it could afford to be a bland base.
  4. This took much longer than 6 minutes per side to cook! Plan accordingly. I would also maybe grill and then broil them for a few minutes to really crisp up the bacon at the end.

Minty Summer Salad


salad stuff

You had me at “balsamic vinegar.” Also, I get all excited when a recipe used terms like “toss it into a bowl” and “garnish generously” instead of “carefully fold together the first ingredients” or “Measure 1/4 cup minus a teaspoon” (that’s a real instruction in certain recipes, by the way… please.) Easy, peasy, minty fresh squeezey.


This night was good for my soul and my belly. I hope this gives you all the inspiration you need to a) grab a few girlfriends and start your own She Reads Truth study, and b) have a dinner party complete with a 2 hour praise toast after the meal. I promise you will leave feeling satisfied, and full to the brim (on friendship, fellowship and good food – my three favorite f-words).


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