A day of firsts | 8.22.16

August 22, 2016 – the first day of school of the 2016-2017 school year for both our boys, but also the first day of construction on our new home! I can’t tell you how much BOTH of these things thrill me.

The first day of school for these guys means they will (for the first time) be in the same class, with the same teacher, the same peers, the same works, the same everything. I will get a double account of the daily goings-on of Room 5, and I can’t wait to hear them fill in the blanks for each other on the everyday happenings in their little preschool lives. The first day of school for ME, means I got to go for a 2 mile walk and listen to my beloved Elevation Church podcast (something I haven’t gotten to do much at all this Summer), then I went to Starbucks where I actually sat at a table instead of hitting the drive through line (I KNOW!) and made a grocery list and meal plan for the week (WHO AM I!?), followed by a very quiet trip to the grocery store where no one asked me for popcorn, a cookie, a sucker, or an iPhone. I think I forgot how glorious the grocery store is when you’re alone.

Untitled-2 Untitled

As much as I enjoyed my time at the store & Starbucks alone, I have enjoyed my Summer with the boys more than I can fully appreciate right at this moment. It will take me a few weeks of adjusting to a new normal to fully comprehend how awesome our Summer together was, but on this first day back to school, I am already reminded how great it was to eat late breakfasts while watching PBS kids, only to pack a bag and head to either Mamie & Papa’s pool or Grandma & Grandpa’s lake house (a rotation that became our norm all summer long). This Summer was certainly a change of pace now that I’m no longer running The Initial Co. Every Summer prior to this one, I was rushing my kids back to school so I could reclaim a few hours a day to work privately. This year was the first year that I really was able to partake in the everyday joys (and let’s be honest, occasional boredom) of an uncommitted schedule. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to stay at home with the boys during this season of our family’s life, be a part of their days, and maximize my time to my family’s benefit while they’re in school. I enjoy things about every season of life we’re in; whether the freedom of Summer or the structure of school. This morning I’m not grieving the end of Summer or celebrating the beginning of school. I’m just happy my kids have a life they love, friends that make them sweeter, grandparents that are involved in their lives, and that I can be a first hand spectator of watching their awesome little lives unfold through the seasons.


And then there’s the official GROUNDBREAKING that’s happening on our lot today! Stockton and I have been planning our home along with my dad (our architect) for a year now. To say we are excited to be pushing dirt around is a major understatement. Technically, they’re still working on clearing the lot today and preparing the area for excavation, but that should give us a chance to run over there tonight with some beach shovels and do our own little ground breaking celebration for our family to remember.


helman sign

Always the curious little gear head, Navy even got to pitch in on the Bobcat for a little brush clearing after school.



We’ll be sure to snap a few pictures of our family’s ground breaking ceremony later this evening to really mark the occasion properly (I may even break open a little bubbly with Stockton… we only plan to do this process once, so cheers to making it a memorable one!).

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