Pregnant & shoe obsessed.

I can’t be the only 6 and a half month pregnant woman who wants nothing to do with buying clothing. This must be A Thing. Because when I try on clothes or try to envision creating cute postpartum outfits, I just want to crawl back in bed for the next 11 weeks. The struggle is so, so real. While I wish maternity clothes would join the rest of the fashion world, the truth is, maternity fashion offerings are limited (to use a generous term). But you know what never disappoints my pregnant self? Shoes. Shoes never disappoint me. Shoes love me no matter if I’m carrying around a small bowling ball in my belly or not. Shoes are there for me. They get me. So, I get them. I get all of them, apparently. My closet is bursting with new shoes because it satisfies me and pacifies me during this awkward stage of dressing. Allow me to introduce you to my recent additions to my shoe shelves to prove my obsession:

Toms Perforated Desert Wedge Booties


I actually had to call in a friend for this pair because I wasn’t sure if Toms could still be pulled off on a respectable, grown woman (Toms are one of my VERY FAVORITE brands for my kids, although the adult collection has just always been questionable in my mind). My (very adorable and always well-dressed) friend assured me they were a solid choice for going into Fall, so during the Nordstrom N-Sale, I scooped them up at a discounted price. I do love the army green suede and know they’re likely to become a closet staple in the Fall.

Steve Madden “Sharini” Bootie


Speaking of closet staples, whoa mama, I didn’t know I could love a pair of booties as much as I love these. I have all the emoji heart eyes for this little pair of cutie booties. This was purchase #2 from the N-Sale on the very first day of the sale. Thank goodness, too, because while they are restocked now, they kept selling out and for a while I thought I wouldn’t get my correct size. Order UP a size if you snag a pair of these because they are a bit on the snug side. I can think of eleven thousand ways to style these and can’t wait to wear them constantly.

Vince Camuto “Melaya” Over The Knee Boots

Unknown-8This was my THIRD N-Sale shoe purchase (yes, I’m expecting a very handsome Nordstrom Note to arrive in my mailbox any day now). I LOVE these boots, and they were very nicely discounted (I want to say in the neighborhood of 40% off!). Even though they are adorable, I must say they were a bit outside of my normal wheelhouse. The over the knee thing (which I love) is a bit much for someone who will mostly be toting her 3 kids around to swim lessons, soccer practice, school and church in the Fall. But now that I own them, I am up to the challenge of making them worth every last penny. I am picturing them with a cute oversized cable knit sweater and skinny jeans, and I think it’ll be a perfectly tailored yet casual and realistic outfit for those early days with a new baby when my life demands call for something beyond leggings and tunics.

Toms Camo Print Sneakertoms-camo-canvas-camo-canvas-printed-womens-del-rey-sneakers-green-product-1-579877385-normal.jpeg

But then we know there WILL be those days where I don’t make it out of the house in anything fancier than leggings and a tunic. On those days, I will probably often be seen in these camo sneakers, which I purchased on HauteLook, but are now available on Nordstrom Rack. I love camo (ahem, let’s be clear, I’m talking about the kind of camo you can purchase at fashion retailers, not Cabela’s, mmk?). I love throwing a little bit of pattern into an otherwise plain outfit, so these will be perfect for that.

So why did I feel so compelled to just completely incriminate myself and reveal publicly just how out of hand my shoe shopping has been lately? Because there’s one more important sale I think you should know about and it’s going on now.



A few birthdays ago, I got these fire engine red Hunter Boots from my Mother-in-law on our annual birthday shopping trip. I love them, but I would also love another pair (if one is good, two is great, amiright?). Enter and dozens of Hunter Boots that are on sale now! I love wearing these boots in the Fall and pairing the bright pop of red with unexpected combinations (hello, pink? Kate Spade would be proud). But I would also love a nice, matte black pair to wear with a wider range of outfits.

My exact pair of red boots are 40% off currently and selling for just $89.99 (this is a killer price on Hunters, people!). Classic black are slightly more expensive at $104, but still a decent savings of 30% off MSRP. Be advised if you purchase the shiny boots: they do get a bit chalky with wear and light exposure, giving them a matte finish before too long. They have boot cleaner you can use for this, but don’t expect that high gloss to last forever.


Check out this rainbow of colors and tell me you aren’t just a little bit tempted to go bold with your wellies! It’s almost irresistible (they’re rubber shoes, for crying out loud, they should have permission to be LOUD).


So even if you’re NOT 6.5 months pregnant and too uncomfortable to shop for anything but shoes, I encourage you to get on this Hunter Boot Sale – you’ll be thanking me once the cooler weather arrives and you’re living in your wellies.

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